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Near to Bariay, scenario that astonished the Admiral Christopher Columbus when Cuba discovered in 1492, Guardalavaca is the favorite spa of the Cuban east. It is located to the northeast of the Island, in the county of Holguín. The beauty of its marine funds makes it a formidable destination for the lovers of the diving and the nautical sports.

Traditions and legends attribute their name to the activity of the pirates in the region of the Caribbean, because it was mentioned as the place preferred by the filibusters to hide their booties (also calls "Vacas")

Another history, more realistic, links that denomination to the alert that emitted the natives before the vicinity of the sackers that came for sea, where "Guarda la Vaca" noticed to all of the danger that represented.

As part of the formation of the tourist pole of the north coast of Holguín, one of the Cuban spas was built and opened their doors in 1994 the Hotel Guardalavaca.

Given the growing peak of Guardalavaca like tourist destination began its construction until inaugurating in the 1999 other 206 rooms in what would be known starting from then as the Colonial Villa of the Hotel Guardalavaca.

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